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    1. Normal MRI anatomy of Elbow

    2. Normal elbow MRI Images

    1. Elbow trauma and instability

    2. Elbow trauma and instability quiz

    1. Elbow tendons

    1. Elbow miscellaneous pathologies

About this course

  • ₹15,000.00
  • 73 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Why this course?

Online case based education

  • Short didactic lectures that quickly deliver concepts

  • Consolidate learning with post talk quizzes that further highlight important concepts

  • Load and see real live anonymized cases

  • Answer and report cases using a checklist based approach

  • Compare your answers with expert reports


Instructor Bio:

Aditya is a musculoskeletal radiologist with a passion for education. He looks at newer and more effective ways of converting information and data to knowledge.

Aditya Daftary

Don't know!


Instructor Bio:

Malini is a musculoskeletal radiologist with special interest in MRI of internal derangements , rheumatology and tumors. She is well published and a popular educator.

Malini Lawande

Consultant Radiologist


Instructor Bio:

Ankita Ahuja is a musculoskeletal radiologist with special interest in internal derangements, tumors and image guided interventions. She is a popular educator who is actively publishing in musculoskeletal radiology

Ankita Ahuja

Consultant Radiologist

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Social proof: testimonials

“ Would like to thank the entire team of innovision for the intensive MSK training program .The case based discussion and interactive sessions really helped us to learn and bring out the best in us. It was an academic feast. Looking out for more of these in future!”

“Most structured and informative program ever seen. These days lots of stuff is available on net and that is enough to confuse you. But really innovison cleared all the confusion and showed the right direction,now with practice I can report with more confidence and accuracy. Thank you team innovision for this great structured program ”

“This is an excellent course covering all the joints of MSK, taught by renowned experts in MSK radiology- Aditya Daftary, Malini Lawande and Ankita Ahuja. Prior to each module, the reading materials (journals) as well as the videos describing the relevant anatomy and what to look for are uploaded, enabling us to orient ourselves. Once this is done, the cases are provided to us for reporting. Each case is discussed live and the live sessions are uploaded for future references. Many a times I could not attend the live sessions due to personal reasons, the recorded and uploaded videos allowed me to view these lessons at my own convenience. Overall, an excellent and well-structured course which we can learn from the comfort of our homes. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning MSK radiology”

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